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1500 litre water tank price in Kenya

1500 Litre Water Tank Price in Kenya

Looking for a 1500 liter water tank? Do you want to enjoy the best 1500 liter water tank price in Kenya? If yes then you are at the right place. We are a renowned supplier of water tanks in Kenya with a wide variety of brands and sizes to choose from. One of the favorite sizes that is highly sought after is the 1500 liter water tanks.

Here are some of the reasons why our 1500 liter water tanks are on high demand.


Our 1500 liter water tanks are available at highly competitive prices and offer really good value for money. !500 liters is the sweet spot for the water needs for most homes with 4 to 5 occupants. However, before you purchase a water tank it is best to know what your needs are. We can help you if you are not sure about your consumption and right water tank size for your needs.

Superior quality build

Our 1500 liter tanks just like the bigger capacity ones are made of high quality linear low density polyethylene which is very durable and ensures safe storage of water. The potable 1500 liter water tanks are lined with BPA free food grade plastic that makes them suitable for storing drinking water.

Compact size

1500 liter water tanks are available in a compact size suitable for places where space is tight. You can choose between circular or rectangular shapes to suit your needs.

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