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Kentank water tanks prices in Kenya

Kentank Water Tanks Prices in Kenya

Kentank water tanks are a household name in Kenya and for good reasons. One of the reasons why many Kenyans love Kentank water tanks is because they do not cause a change in the taste of water. When you store water in these tanks even for long, the water will still taste good when you need it. Another reason is because of the affordable Kentank water tank prices in Kenya.

Kentank water tanks are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Since they are UV resistant, the tanks can be used outside for decades without causing degradation. Kentank water tanks are designed In a special way to ensure they are durable and robust. The company offers tanks suitable for agriculture, water harvesting, water treatment and use in apartments and commercial properties.

To ensure safety, Kentank water tanks are made using food grade polyethene which doesn't contain any harmful substances. The tanks meet all set international standards for water storage which means you can store your drinking water without any worries.

Kentank water tanks are also very easy to install. Connecting them to a water or irrigation system is very easy thanks to the available connection points suitable for pipes of different sizes depending on the size of the tank. The tanks connect really well with fittings acquired at any local hardware store and many plumbers enjoy working on these tanks since it is easy.

You can choose the right tank for your needs based on size, shape, orientation and color. All water tanks from Kentank are opaque to prevent growth of algae inside the tanks. We can help you invest in Kentank water tanks. We have in stock a wide range of their tanks for you to choose from. Further we offer these tanks at the best Kentank water tanks prices in Kenya. Give us a try today.