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Rectangular water tanks Kenya

Rectangular Water Tanks Kenya

When people think of water storage tanks, circular tanks come to mind. However not all water tanks are circular. Rectangular water tanks Kenya are now also a very common sight in most places. Rectangular water tanks are more versatile and have other benefits you will not enjoy with circular water tanks.

Benefits of rectangular water tanks Kenya

Easy to transport – rectangular water tanks are very easy to transport due to their rectangular shape and modular design. Since they are rectangular, the same shape as the carrier of a truck, it becomes easier to fit in more tanks on the truck and stack them up with ease.

Saves space – the most obvious advantage of rectangular tanks is their space saving feature. Having a round water tank in a rectangular room or space means a lot of space is wasted. However, a rectangular tank will fit in more snugly in a rectangular space without leaving any space to waste.

It is easy to clear debris – for a circular tank, water flows from the tank in a circular motion since there is no difference in length or width. As this happens, debris in the water settles at the center of the tank making it very difficult to clean. With a rectangular tank however, there is linear flow of water which means that debris moves with the water making it easier to clean. Also, rectangular tanks can be low and wide making it very easy to reach the bottom of the tank from the top for easy cleaning.

Rectangular water tanks unlike circular allow you to store more water with a smaller tank and require less space to fit in the tank. We can help you enjoy all these and many other benefits of rectangular water tanks Kenya. We have a wide variety of rectangular water tanks from different brands for you to choose from. Place your order today.